The Better Philadelphia Elections Coalition is committed to improving city elections to ensure that every eligible voter is able to independently, privately and securely cast their ballot. Founded in 2016 to advocate for abolishing the elected Office of the City Commissioners, the coalition continues to believe that structural reform is needed to sustain meaningful improvements in local elections and voter registration.

Coalition members work for election administration and leadership in Philadelphia that will:

1) Set an overarching vision for city elections and work to advance critical reforms;

2) Safeguard elections from fraud, intimidation and corruption, and ensure the smooth deployment of new voting systems;

3) Guarantee access to the ballot for disabled and limited English proficiency voters over and above what is required by law;

4) Effectively recruit, train and compensate the thousands of poll workers citywide; and

5) Collaborate with other government agencies to implement nonpartisan, evidence-based voter engagement programs.


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