City Commissioner Candidate Dennis Lee

What specific actions would you take to create and implement a strategic plan for improving Philadelphia elections and the voting experience that includes collaboration with various stakeholders inside and outside city government?

Conduct town hall meetings to assess citizens voting experience after the elections. Partner with state legislature to advocate for updating the election code. Collaborate with stakeholders inside and outside city government to establish best management practices to improve Philadelphia elections and the voting experience for all citizens.

What will you do to protect the integrity of city elections and build public trust in the process, safeguarding against fraud, intimidation, corruption and operational failures?

Implement fraud, intimidation and corruption prevention protocols. Develop creative and new approaches to deploy staff who will educate and train poll workers year round to ensure proper administration of election law and integrity.

How will you guarantee equal access and a smooth, high-quality voting experience for Philadelphia’s diverse electorate, including our disabled and limited English proficiency voters?

Guarantee voter accessibility and rights to all voting citizens, including disabled and limited English speaking voters by providing equal access in a capacity that meets their needs.

How do you intend to recruit, prepare and retain poll workers to fill the more than 8,000 neighborhood Election Board positions citywide?

Implement a robust internship program to recruit high school and college students to fill the gaps citywide and integrate them into the voting process. Advocate for additional funding for training and incentives to retain poll workers who are the bedrock of the voting experience.

How will you contribute to strategic, evidence-based and high-impact voter engagement and information efforts in the City of Philadelphia?

After each election, all data will be evaluated and voter action teams will be deployed in areas where the ratio of voter turnout was low. Robust literature will be developed and used to contact voters who did not participate and vote on election day to inform them of the next election and to determine if they faced any impediments to voting and to improve the service delivery model.

Patrick Christmas