City Commissioner Candidate Warren Bloom


What specific actions would you take to create and implement a strategic plan for improving Philadelphia elections and the voting experience that includes collaboration with various stakeholders inside and outside city government?

Using more modern means of communications and Technology. Also I believe if we can Bank by phone we should be able to vote by phone or your handheld devices laptop desktop computers. Create a more comprehensive environment for voters to exercise their civic duties and responsibilities.

What will you do to protect the integrity of city elections and build public trust in the process, safeguarding against fraud, intimidation, corruption and operational failures?

I believe in leading by example I believe in educating the general public local schools and colleges on their responsibility to protect the Integrity of the vote and stop the pay-to-play culture in Philadelphia local politics.

How will you guarantee equal access and a smooth, high-quality voting experience for Philadelphia’s diverse electorate, including our disabled and limited English proficiency voters?

Be more diverse with different language instructions also being more sensitive do the needs of the physically challenged community. To show and have better representation of the disabled Community working with the commissioner's office.

How do you intend to recruit, prepare and retain poll workers to fill the more than 8,000 neighborhood Election Board positions citywide?

By working with local Ward leaders and committee people I believe we can meet this Challenge and creating opportunities for everyday people to participate in the electoral process.

How will you contribute to strategic, evidence-based and high-impact voter engagement and information efforts in the City of Philadelphia?

Because of my experience in radio and television background I wouldn't use repetitive ad along with social media and the printed media to encourage better voter participation and restoring confidence to the office of the City Commissioner which is now lacking because of corruption.

Patrick Christmas