Better Philly Elections 2019 Platform Released


PHILADELPHIA, PA (March 28, 2019) – The Better Philadelphia Elections Coalition today released a platform to inform and guide debate through the 2019 election season around the issues that impact city voters’ ability to independently, privately and securely cast a ballot. The 2019 BPEC Platform is organized around five pillars that candidates running for Philadelphia City Commissioner are urged to speak to in the coming weeks and months. Coalition members believe individuals seeking to be responsible for voter registration and election administration should be prepared to:

1) Set an overarching vision for city elections and work to advance critical reforms;

2) Safeguard elections from fraud, intimidation and corruption, and ensure the smooth deployment of new voting systems;

3) Guarantee access to the ballot for disabled and limited English proficiency voters over and above what is required by law;

4) Effectively recruit, train and compensate the thousands of poll workers citywide; and

5) Collaborate with other government agencies to implement nonpartisan, evidence-based voter engagement programs.

The Coalition encourages local media, voting rights advocates, civic organizations, ward committees and the general public to highlight these issues during this municipal campaign season and to press City Commissioner candidates for their thoughts and plans. A formal questionnaire will also be delivered to candidates, with responses posted to as they are received.

Patrick Christmas